Joseph Gray
Hyperlocal Zeitgeist (Dendroica), 2015
Custom code and public APIs
Dimensions variable

Hyperlocal Zeitgeist (Dendroica) is an Internet based artwork by Joseph Gray ( that displays public geotagged Instagram posts within 1.444 kilometers of the Dendroica Gallery in Seattle, WA. The area lies primarily in the Capitol Hill neighborhood but also includes portions of downtown and the Cascade neighborhood.

The Instagram API is tracked continuously for new posts which are displayed in a documentary style animation along with a map generated by the Google Maps API showing the tagged location within the geographic search radius. Time, location name, user handle and caption text are also displayed.

Continued viewing of the piece begins to reveal the underlying cultural and social activity of the topography that surrounds the gallery location. The work gives a nod to traditional representations of landscape, capturing a locality in a moment of time, and rendering it with an invisible metadata that permeates our contemporary physical reality.

For inquiries on commissioning a custom version of this artwork centered on another geographic location please contact Martha Dunham at